Our Vision, Our Future


The Assembly is a self-governance structure, that restores the power back to We The People; for all inhabitants of the Big Island to remove the de Facto corporation’s rule of deceit, fraud and to create Hawai’i’s bright future of liberty and justice for ALL.



WE ARE THE PEOPLE of the Big Island of Hawai’i standing in unity with Hawai’i County General Jural Assembly (HCGJA), claiming our sovereignty and freedom for the people, by the people for our unalienable rights under ALMIGHTY GOD.  Gather with us on this journey to empowerment, prosperity, and self-governance to make PONO all crimes against the Hawaiian Nation.


  • Restore food self-sufficiency with food forests on everyone’s land.
  • Update our island’s infrastructure with free energy & water generators for all.
  • Create homes for all.
  • Heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual traumas with the latest holistic techniques and quantum technologies.
  • Restore the Hawaiian culture on this island till it is thriving!!!


  • Hawaiian language spoken all over the island . . .
  • Hawaiian spiritually and customs being the inspiration for all activities . . .
  • Hawaiian music and hula thriving . . .
  • Visitors experiencing the living Hawaiian culture . . .


  • The Kingdom of Hawai’i was illegally and violently usurped as well as illegally annexed.
  • That Hawai’i has operated as a territory, and then as a state of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION for over 100 years.
  • There are many American Nationals who have made their homes here under these hidden fraudulent terms.
  • That the original Republic for a united States of America is being re-assembled in all the states, county-by-county.

While this restoration is in process, in our role as the explicit VOICE of We The People, our Assembly can be in communication with all groups and individuals on our Big Island as to what their visions are for the future of Hawai’i.

Once this restoration has been accomplished the inhabitants of our islands can vote on which direction they want to go in.

We warmly invite you to ASSEMBLE with us!